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The Terms of Service (TOS) for Customer-Driven Computing (CDC),, Customer-Driven Hosting (CDH),, "Customer-Driven," or any variations of the name are as follows: While it is not expected that the material hosted through CDC be Christian in nature, it is expected that such content not contradict Christian ideals, not violate applicable laws, and not be pornographic in nature.  We reserve the right to remove content deemed by us to be inappropriate or inconsistent with said ideals; this includes but is not limited to specifically posted content, content of advertisements, or content found via third-party links.  Likewise, we also reserve the right to remove clients or otherwise refuse service to anyone, especially if law violations or TOS violations have already occurred (though these cases are not anticipated).  Furthermore, we reserve the right to amend, change, remove or even add any aspect to these terms of service without notification to you, the customer though significant changes will probably be communicated to you in some form.  Your continued use of our services accepts any changes to the terms of service and you are responsible for becoming aware of any changes.  Services offered and/or materials recorded by CDC are provided/produced by the individual as a sole-proprietorship.
Refunds for hosting packages and support services are offered on an individual, case-by-case basis and may be granted, either due to a technical problem that created a disruption of service or due to the cancellation of accounts by CDC.  Payments are made in advance for specified payment increments selected at the time the transaction is processed. Payments are reoccurring unless otherwise stated and are subject to change (though frequent changes are not anticipated). Refunds are not typically offered for hosting packages because it is not a matter of such service being used or not used: the service is made available. Refunds for products sold at a one-time price may be offered, but must be handled either via a support ticket or via the phone, and are not guaranteed.  While refunds for one-time software downloads may be considered, CDC reserves the right to deny such refund requests, since copies can be made and easily distributed.
Website hosting plans that come with unlimited bandwidth may still show bandwidth statistical information in our billing system.  Customers whose hosting disk space usage exceeds the disk space alotement for the package may be subject to overage charges of $0.01 per megabyte (B) which equates to approximately $10.24 per gigabyte (GB).
Website hosting free trials are not currently offered at this time, but may be considered on an individual bases and would be available only upon request.  Free trials would depend on the product or service selected and the package and payment increment selected; no promise of a free trial is expressed or implied.
A free domain name is available only upon request and only available with select packages and payment cycles; free domains are currently only offered for those paying yearly and selecting a 5 GB (five Gigabyte) package or higher.  Domain names purchased by CDC are also owned by CDC or one of its sole-proprietors. The customer is able to buy that domain from CDC if desired. Domain transfer arrangements can be made when time permits and may involve a transfer period, especially if transferring between different domain name registrars. The transfer of a domain may also require a renewal fee; refer to registrar for details.
In most cases contracts are not required; however. in certain circumstances a contract may be established to facilitate the stability of service offerings. due to client desire or request.  One reason a contract could be used is in the case of a server upgrade where yearly costs for the business increase to provide specific requirements or requests from the client or clients.
CDC seeks to expand the Christian forum to speak or otherwise express the importance of Christ's teachings and Biblical principles for daily living and to encourage all to do the same.  One of the missions of Customer-Driven Computing is to provide products and services that facilitate that communication and teaching.  Anything done to disrupt these communications will be taken very seriously.  Customer-Driven Computing services are offered with these things in mind; we are on the lookout for those searching for a Christian-based business in which to invest and to find affordable service with a personal touch.



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